Infinitive Systems Academy Kisii Kenya HTML 5 CSS3 Bootstrap4 JavaScript MySQL database PHP JQuery website web design and development programing

At Infinitive Systems academy, this course fully covers Web design and development programming languages and presents the fundamental notions and techniques used in Web design and development, including web-hosting and Cpanel set-up.

Course Prerequisite:

No prior knowledge about web development is required, but people are expected to have some basic knowledge about computers, some knowledge about one or two other programming languages such as Perl, java, Python or C++ etc. is an advantage.

Learning objectives:

✓  To familiarize the trainee with the universal concepts of computer programming.

✓  To present the syntax and semantics of the web development languages.

✓  To equip with knowledge of dynamic websites that are responsive.

✓  To understand the major building-blocks of websites and how to combine them.

In this course you will learn:

✓  HTML 5

✓  CSS 3

✓  Bootstrap

✓  JavaScript

✓  MySQL

✓  PHP


Download Detailed Course Outline

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