Infinitive Systems Academy Kisii Kenya cheapest and best CCTV Installation training and guide

Do you want to join the surveillance sector? Start that journey by Joining us and learn the complete process of CCTV Installation. We will offer you a comprehensive combination of industry theory and ‘hands on’ practical experience on CCTV installation

We will train you on various technologies including cabled to the latest IP and wireless electronic surveillance techniques, the course is a one month of intensive training and is the perfect choice if you are looking to join the exciting world of CCTV installation and electronic surveillance.
There are no prerequisites.

Listed below are areas of focus during the training.

1. Types of Camera and DVR/NVR
2. Installation of Camera
3. Configure and Program DVR/NVR
4. Cable, crimping and wire management
5. IP addressing
6. Configure an IP/Network CCTV solution
7. Setting up the Application on mobile phone
8. Trouble shooting
9. Types of Hard Disk
10. Installing Hard Disk in the DVR/NVR

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